Q: Is your beef local?

A: Yes, all of our beef comes from Waller, Austin and Washington Counties, Texas.

Q: Do you feed your cattle grain?

A: No, our calves and Mother cows graze on our pastureland. We harvest our own hay in case we need to supplement their grazing during the winter months. We do not apply herbicides or pesticides on any of our pastureland; in fact we do not allow it on the farm.

Q: Do you give your calves any added antibiotics or growth hormones?

A: Absolutely not, should any of our calves become sick enough to warrant antibiotics we simply cull them from the herd and sell them at the local livestock auction. Our cows and calves are very healthy and we have never had to cull one yet.

Q: Why do I need to cook my grass-fed Beef at 45 degrees less than I usually cook my beef?

A: Grass-fed Beef has anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 the amount of fat of grain-fed beef. Therefore, you are not cooking the amount of fat you would with grain-fed. Note that sometimes even when cooking at 45 degrees less, your meat will be ready sooner. It is a good idea to cook by temperature until you get the feel for cooking grass-fed Beef.

Q: How do you ship?

A: We typically ship overnight express. Each order is packed in special shipping boxes and your order will arrive frozen ready to put into your freezer. As long as it is not completely thawed, you can safely refreeze it. We may even personally deliver in the Houston Metro area should the order be large enough to warrant the cost of fuel.

Q: I see that you are at many area Farmers Markets, can I order and pick up at a Farmers Market?

A: Absolutely, take a look at where we sell and if a market is close, you may pick up your order at the market to save on shipping. You may also pick up from our farm in Waller County.

Q: Can I order a special cut of meat?

A: Yes, in that we have the beef individually processed locally you can request a special cut. Our processing plant may charge extra for the cut. However, you would need to buy a whole, or side of beef to have any special cuts.

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